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MENUHA creates home fragrance and home object to design the home that inspires the living with inner peace.
MENUHA means 'rest' and 'ease', these are what we ultimately deliver people.

We focus on discovering timeless beauty come from heritage and design the item with long lasting value.
The skull in the logo symbolises our ethos longing for timeless values, and the hand in the logo presents craftsmanship.
The fragrance are artfully balanced, blends of all natural aromatics come from the earth's natural surroundings; lava stone, arabic gum, etc.
Most items are touched by the hand of masters using traditional techniques.

The home object is a dialogue between convention and challenge.
We works with masters to create brass and copper pieces for tabletop, home decor with elegance and refined quality.
Also We reinvent traditional techniques to match with modern needs and form with original touch.

Please follow our journey to discover timeless value and beauty in living.